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welcome to the chubbycore undies club!

this is a community for omg_chubbycore members to show off their unmentionables! due to the fact that many of us don't want creepy strangers looking at our naked butts, this community is closely moderated. but if you follow these rules, then there shouldn't be a problem!

1) important! you MUST first be a member of omg_chubbycore and have posted an introduction there before i will even consider allowing you to become a member.
2) YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY, THIS IS NOT A GAINING, FEEDING, FETISHISM OR PORN COMMUNITY. so all you random horny creeps can just stop trying to join.
3) keep it tasteful, please! we are here to see your hot chubby body, not your hairy balls in excruciating detail.
4) if you are under 18, KEEP YOUR UNDERWEAR ON! if you are over 18, feel free to flash your goods!
5) NO HARASSMENT. do not be a creep. do not be rude to other members. if there are any shenanigans i will ban your ass so fast.
6) HAVE FUN! love your body! get naked!

+ join our sister community, omg_chubbycore!
+ if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact attacking at her personal journal! ♥